Tea Times Digital Newsletters

Tea Times Digital Newsletters

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The Tea Times Digital Newsletters

The Tea Times digital newsletters is for moth­ers and daugh­ters. This is a homemaking publication produced to enhance the rela­tion­ships with your daugh­ters, and meant to be read/done together.

Features include:

Learning specific homemaking skills with your daughter
Sewing-Baking/Cooking-Gardening-Using Resources Wisely & More
Growing a Godly young lady
Tea time recipes for fellowship and more

An accomplished young woman can cook, clean, sew, manage a budget, school her children, and make her home beautiful, all because she practiced keeping home before she had her own.

The Tea Times Digital versions are delivered for download. Each edition is 8 + pages and consists of 5 issues total.

Both The Joyous Home Journal and Tea Times Digital Newsletter will be able to be read on a KINDLE reader if you download the adobe reader app (free) from your device.  This works great with our PDFs!  We have changed this recently because there are deep limitations in designing pages specifically for Kindle only. Flash videos we include may not work on Kindle or ipad devices.

Included in this purchase: 

February Issue

  • Teaching Girls to Trust God’s Word
  • Embroidery Part I
  • The Kitchen Corner: Technique – Jelly Roll
  • Tools & Staples – Measuring, Flour & Raising Agents
  • The Tea Table – Recipes

April Issue

    • Teaching Girls Courage
    • Embroidery Template Part II
    • The Kitchen Corner: Technique Muffin Making, Vegetable Muffins
    • Sewing Buttonholes
    • Tools & Staples – Using Fats & Sugar - The Tea Table – Recipes

    June Issue

      • Teaching Girls Provision
      • Kitchen Corner: Growing Herbs – A Kitchen Garden, Making Spice Blends;
      • Cooking Dry! Beans and Other Legumes
      • Easy Bed Coverings on a Budget
      • Our Sewing Table – Sewing Hems
      • The Tea Table – Recipes

      August Issue

        • Writing Essentials for Young Ladies
        • Sewing Table - Curtain Making for Beginners
        • Menu Planning
        • Proper Table Setting/Folding Napkins
        • The Tea Table - Recipes 

        October Issue: 

        • Recipe Keeping & Organizing
        • Skill: Cutting a Chicken to Parts - Debone a Chicken Breast
        • Showing Hospitality in Our Homes
        • The Tea Table: Vintage Cookie Recipes, How to Easy Peel Tomatoes, Tomato Basil Soup, Provolone Cheese Sandwiches
        • What's In Season: Fruits and Vegetables Help List

        The Tea Times is a collection of newsletters meant to enhance time with your daughter. We hope you enjoy them!